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Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning Causes

Food poisoning is caused by strains and viruses that have contaminated a certain dish. This may be because the food is already spoiled or not cooked properly. Among the common strains that bring about food poisoning is Clostridium botulinum, which is present in improperly preserved canned food, as well as E. coli and salmonella which can be found in raw food such as sushi.

Food Poisoning Definition

Food poisoning is an illness resulting from eating foods contaminated with viruses and bacteria. Depending on the kind of strain ingested by the victim, food poisoning can result to life-threatening diseases such as hepatitis A and dehydration.

Food Poisoning Diagnosis

Food poisoning is diagnosed by the physical symptoms present in the patient, since reaction to this condition is immediate.

Food Poisoning Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of food poisoning are vomiting, headache, stomach pain and diarrhea. Severe cases meanwhile have to be rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment.

Food Poisoning Treatment

Antibiotics are prescribed to treat food poisoning. Public health sanitation must also be promoted in communities to avoid risks of food poisoning.

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