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Fox-Fordyce disease

Fox-Fordyce disease Causes

Exact causes of Fox-Fordyce disease is yet unknown. This problem often breaks out because of extreme heat, humidity, stress, and friction. As sweat is trapped apocrine sweat ducts burst and leak. This leads to inflammation and consequent itching. Other causes may be related to hormonal and emotional levels of a person.

Fox-Fordyce disease Definition

A rare disorder, Fox-Fordyce disease becomes a problem for most women who fall between ages 13 to 35 years. Males and young children may also develop this medical problem. Fox-Fordyce Disease is also called ‘sweat retention disease' and ‘apocrine duct occlusion'.

Fox-Fordyce disease Diagnosis

Patients are recommended to immediately consult a doctor when like symptoms appear. Family medical history will be discussed and evaluated and your doctor may make a prescription from there.

Fox-Fordyce disease Symptoms and Signs

People who suffer from Fox-Fordyce disease develop bothersome bumps which lead to persisting itchiness. The bumps may form around the underarms (around the hair follicles), in the pubic regions, and even around the nipples. These happen due to the inflammation of one's aprocrine sweat glands. Itchiness may prevent nightly sleep or daily naps. Skin dryness and thickening may also be experienced. Skin thickens because of grave scratching. Symptoms may persist for years and may be halted (only) during pregnancy in women. Some experience quite a permanent cure after menopause.

Fox-Fordyce disease Treatment

Treatment may be through topical steroids, oral antibiotics, clindamycin preparations, and hormonal therapy, in severe cases, phototherapy, dermabrasion, and surgical excision.

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