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Fractured Femur

Fractured Femur Causes

Tremendous force acted upon the thigh bone causes femur fracture. Car accidents and falling from high places may cause damage to the thigh bone. Osteoporosis, a dreaded bone disease, can also cause femur fracture. Other causes for broken thigh bone are tumors.

Fractured Femur Definition

A fractured femur is an injury of the thigh bone. The femur is one of the strongest bones of the human skeleton, and it connects the hip and knee joints.

Fractured Femur Diagnosis

A fractured femur is diagnosed via X-rays and physical examination.

Fractured Femur Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of a fractured femur are extreme pain in the affected thigh, immobility and numbness.

Fractured Femur Treatment

The common method used to treat a fractured femur is surgery. A metal rod is inserted to replace the damaged thigh bone. Less common procedures include plates and external fixators that screw the replacement to the connecting bones.

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