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Francois Dyscephalic Syndrome

Francois Dyscephalic Syndrome Causes

Exact causes are unknown. Some possible causes most especially of the symptoms mentioned, are cataracts, growth retardation, light hair, low birth weight, premature birth, and small lower jaw.

Francois Dyscephalic Syndrome Definition

Francois Dyscephalic Syndrome is also known as the Hallermann-Streiff syndrome and the Oculomandibulofacial Syndrome. This is a disorder which greatly affects one's body stature, the head structure, and also hair growth. Patients who suffer from this kind of condition are often shorter than average people. They may be unable to develop facial hair and hair in other places such as the legs and the pubic areas. Many others have persisting problems with teeth development with some only developing one set in a lifetime.

Francois Dyscephalic Syndrome Diagnosis

Francois dyscephalic syndrome falls under the category of rare diseases. In the U.S., only less than 200,000 of the population are affected. Patients are advised to promptly seek medical advice once any of the symptoms are observed.

Francois Dyscephalic Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Most patients exhibit reduced eye sizes or downward slanting space between eyelids. Other symptoms are small head, Absence of mandibular condyles, generalized tonic-clonic seizures, spina bifida, ,scaphocephaly, Glaucoma, scoliosis, mental retardation , undescended testes, funnel chest, hyperactivity, choreoathetoris, and hypogenitalism.

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