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Frey's syndrome

Frey's syndrome Causes

This condition may result as one of the side effects of having parotid gland surgery or any injury in the area. The parotid gland manufactures saliva. There is a connection between the Mandibular nerve and sweat glands of one's scallop and parotid gland. When there is a problem with severance and inappropriate regeneration “Gustatory Sweating” may result in stead of normal salivatory response.

Frey's syndrome Definition

Frey's syndrome is also known as Frey-Baillarger syndrome, Dupuy's syndrome, and Baillarger's syndrome. It is food related and can be congenital and also non-congenital. Some cases of this condition may persist for life.

Frey's syndrome Diagnosis

One particular diagnostic would be instructing a person to eat a lemon. If sweating is observed after one finishes eating the lemon wedge, said person is positive for Frey's Syndrome.

Frey's syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of this syndrome may be redness, warmth, and/or sweating on the cheek area which is adjacent to the ear. Symptoms usually appear whenever affected persons eat, see, think of or talk of certain kinds of food resulting to strong salivation.

Frey's syndrome Treatment

Some forms of treatment may be any one or more of the following: botulinum toxin type injection, nerve fibers surgical transaction, and/or ointment application which contains anticholinergic drugs like scopolamine.

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