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Frigidity Causes

The causes for frigidity may be situational or hormone induced. Situational frigidity is caused by lack of proper communication with one's partner when it comes to sexually-related issues. It can also be due to traumatic sexual experiences in the past as well as poor diet. Aging persons also lose sexual interest.

Frigidity Definition

Frigidity, also known as inhibited sexual desire (ISD), is a manifestation of sexual aversion. It is a condition where a person no longer reacts responsively to sexual stimuli. Persons who are thought to be frigid show signs of indifference towards sexual intercourse.

Frigidity Diagnosis

Frigidity is tested with laboratory tests-one's testosterone count is measured to determine frigidity.

Frigidity Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of frigidity are indifference towards initiated sexual encounter. Frigidity is more common in women than in men.

Frigidity Treatment

Treatment is done based on the kind of frigidity a person is into. Situational frigidity may require counseling and psychological therapy; medical frigidity can be treated with hormone inducing agents as well as proper diet.

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