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Ganglioglioma Causes

These gangliogliomas are particularly known to manifest itself in the temporal lobe of the human brain. The temporal lobes, where gangliogliomas are regularly found, are found on the sides of the brain, and are primarily involved not only in auditory processing but also speech and vision. However, these gangliogliomas may easily appear anywhere in the brain and the spinal cord. When situated in the brain, gangliogliomas are usually associated with the occurrence of seizures among those who suffer from the disease.

Ganglioglioma Definition

Ganglioglioma, otherwise known as Gangliocytoma, is a disease characterized by the presence of rare tumors. These tumors grow from ganglion cells in the area of the central nervous system, primarily composed of the brain and the spinal cord. Ganglion cells are another way of calling neurons that are found in the brain, some of them found in specific perceptive centers. Mature ganglion cells become clustered with neoplastic glial cells, forming these gangliogliomas.

Ganglioglioma Diagnosis

Gangliogliomas or gangliocytoma, are considered to be the second most common reason behind the occurrence of spinal cord tumors among children. Gangliogliomas, by their very nature, are classified as a rare disease under the domains of both oncology (the study of cancers and tumors) and of neurology (being within the realm of the central nervous system).

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