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Gangrene Causes

It is usually the result of critically insufficient blood supply and is often associated with diabetes, and long-term smoking. This condition is often common in the lower extremities.

Gangrene Definition

Complication of necrosis which is the ‘cell death' characterized by the decay of body tissues, which become black and malodorous. It caused by infection or ischemia, such as from thrombosis (blocked blood vessel).

Gangrene Diagnosis

These environmental bacteria may enter the muscle through a wound and subsequently proliferate in necrotic tissue and secrete powerful toxins. These toxins damages nearby tissue, generating gas at the same time.

Gangrene Symptoms and Signs

The early signs of dry gangrene are a dull ache and sensation of coldness in the affected area along with pallor of the flesh. If caught early, the process can sometimes be reverse by vascular surgery. However, if necrosis sets in, the affected tissue must remove just as with wet gangrene.

Gangrene Treatment

The best treatment for gangrene is revascularization which is the restoration of blood flow) of the affected organ, which can reverse some of the effects of necrosis and allow healing. Treatment includes auto-amputation, debridement and local care, or surgical amputation. The method of treatment generally recognize depending on location of affected tissue and extent of tissue loss.

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