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Ganser Syndrome

Ganser Syndrome Causes

Ganser syndrome is caused by other underlying mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Alcohol and substance abuse can also trigger the disease.

Ganser Syndrome Definition

Ganser syndrome is a dissociative disorder wherein an individual uncontrollably mimics another person's behavior. Persons with this kind of disorder usually give nonsensical answers to questions. The disease is also called pseudodementia or prison psychosis.

Ganser Syndrome Diagnosis

The illness can be diagnosed by counseling and strict monitoring of the person's answers to questions.

Ganser Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of the disorder include confusion, loss of personal identity, echolalia and somatic conversion. Other people meanwhile consider ganser syndrome as malingering.

Ganser Syndrome Treatment

Psychiatric care is given to patients with the disease.

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