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Gardner Syndrome

Gardner Syndrome Causes

This disease is characterized by autosomal dominance inheritance, which means that it is inheritable. It is usual that if one parent (of the person suffering from the disease) had suffered or is also suffering from the Gardner's syndrome, the child can acquire that too. Because it is inherited through autosomal dominance, each child of an affected parent, regardless of gender, has an equal chance of inheriting and suffering from the complications of Gardner's syndrome disease.

Gardner Syndrome Definition

Gardner's syndrome is a disease characterized by the growth of polyps in the colon accompanied by tumors outside the colon. The tumors found in the areas which are away from the colon may range from thyroid cancer, fibromas, sebaceous cysts, osteomas in the skull, and epidermoid cysts. The polyps found within the colon are indicators of the likely progression of the condition to colon cancer.

Gardner Syndrome Diagnosis

The disease is identified by using oral findings. The presence of multiple teeth that are impacted, supernumerary teeth that appear in excess of the regular set of teeth, and jaw osteomas, which lend a “wool-like” appearance to the jaws are signs of the presence of the disease. Multiple odontomas are also indicators of Gardner's syndrome.

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