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Gas In The Digestive Tract

Gas In The Digestive Tract Causes

Swallowed air Breakdown of undigested food Foods that cause gas in the digestive tract: sugars (raffinose, lactose, fructose and sorbitol), starches, fiber

Gas In The Digestive Tract Definition

Gas is created in the digestive tract due to swallowing air and the breaking of foods by bacteria that are found in the colon. Gas is eliminated by burping or passing gas.

Gas In The Digestive Tract Diagnosis

Doctors will often review dietary habits and symptoms. Avoiding milk is recommended for people who have lactase deficiency. The doctor will ask the patient to count how many times the patient passes gas. Other tests may be ordered which depends on the symptoms of patients and other factors.

Gas In The Digestive Tract Symptoms and Signs

Belching Flatulence Bloating of the abdomen Pain and discomfort in the abdomen

Gas In The Digestive Tract Treatment

Diet: eat fewer foods that cause gas such as limit the intake of meat, fruits and vegetables, whole grains and milk product. Over the counter medicines: digestive enzymes, lactase supplements taken after eating, beano Prescription medicines: to aid in reducing symptoms Reducing swallowed air: avoid chewing gum and eating hard candy, eat slowly and check that dentures are fitted properly with the help of a dentist

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