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Genuphobia Causes

This fear of knee is created by our unconscious mind. It was created as a shield device for the people who are suffering from this disorder. The causes of this phobia can come from an event that links to the knees or it can be a trauma emotionally. It can also be from anxieties attacks.

Genuphobia Definition

Genuphonia is an abnormal, persistent and irrational fear of knees or kneeling. Other names are fear or knee, fear of knees, knee fear, knee phobia, knees fear, knees phobia, phobia of knee and or phobia of knees. It is a persistent fear of knees that a person forces himself to avoid.

Genuphobia Symptoms and Signs

The common symptoms for genuphobia are the following: always gasping for breath, lightheadedness, extreme sweating, vomiting, dry mouth, feeling sick, trembling, heart palpitations, lack of the ability to speak, inability to think clearly, a fear of losing control, and the anxiety attack.

Genuphobia Treatment

There are variety of strong medicines prescribe for those who have genuphobia. The side effects and withdrawal symptoms of these medicines can be severe. These medicines will not cure the genuphobia but it can temporarily suppress the symptoms both artificially and chemically for those people who have these disorder.

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