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Geographical tongue

Geographical tongue Causes

Geographic tongue is not caused by infection or other kinds of disorders. This is not a long-term illness and healthy people can acquire this also.

Geographical tongue Definition

Geographical tongue results when the layer of small bumps called papillae that cover the tongue are missing. If the papillae are missing, it creates smooth patches of red in the tongue; it can also show an appearance that like a map.

Geographical tongue Symptoms and Signs

The geographic tongue can give discomfort to the tongue. It can also cause high sensitivity to hot and spicy foods. For other people, it will not show any other symptoms and signs.

Geographical tongue Treatment

Treatment medically is not required for geographic tongue. Its can be healed on its own for a period of time, and maybe up to a year or more, it can be healed. After that, the normal appearance of the tongue will return to normal. Avoiding hot and spicy foods, acidic foods and acidic beverages, alcohol and smoking can reduce soreness or the burning discomfort. Avoiding them can also avoid aggravating the geographic tongue. Toothpaste that has tartar control additives, having too much flavors, and whitening toothpaste can also aggravate the geographic tongue. Toothpaste for sensitive teeth will be helpful.

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