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German Syndrome

German Syndrome Causes

One of the causes of this disorder is the use of the trimethadione, an anticonvulsant drug which is being prescribed to those pregnant women who have epileptic seizures. The side effect that might be experienced when taking this drug is the malformation of the fetus and other physical abnormalities.

German Syndrome Definition

German Syndrome is a rare disorder affected by fetal exposure to trimethadione or the anticonvulsant drug which results in different kinds of physical and developmental abnormalities. It is found among infants who were born to epileptic mothers that are being treated with trimethadione for seizures during their pregnancy period. This is also known as Fetal Trimethadione Syndrome.

German Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Amongst the major symptoms are mental deficiency which affects their mental judgments, their thoughts and intelligence, speech disorder which give them the inability to speak, growth deficiency, brachycephaly and midfacial hypoplasia, which they have short noses, upturned nose, low nasal bridge, cupped ears, cleft lip and serious heart problems. Other symptoms are facial hamengiomata, webbed neck, scoliosis, transposition of the great vessels and hypoplastic heart.

German Syndrome Treatment

No specific treatment has been identified specifically for the German syndrome. However it is advised that parents should seek Health Professionals, Psychologist, psychiatrists, therapist and counselors.

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