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Gerstmann Syndrome

Gerstmann Syndrome Definition

A neurological disorder differentiate by four symptoms: inability to write, inability to calculate, an inability to make distinction between right from left, and the inability to identify fingers. This illness can sometimes be confused with Gerstmann-Str? ussler-Scheinker disease, which is a type of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy.

Gerstmann Syndrome Diagnosis

Symptoms may disappear for adults and it has also been projected for children. But there will be children that may not overcome this disorder and people should learn to adjust themselves to them.

Gerstmann Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

For adults, this may appear after an episode of stroke or any form that damages the parietal lobe. Aside from the mentioned symptoms, adults may also experience aphasia, which is the difficulty in expressing itself when talking, when understanding its speech and their reading and writing. A few symptoms have been reported for children but sometimes they were called developmental Gerstmann's syndrome. But symptoms can be identified when the children began schooling. Children with disorders show poor handwriting and spelling, difficulty in math and the difficulty to differentiate between right and left. Children with brain damage can be affected with this disorder as well.

Gerstmann Syndrome Treatment

There is no treatment for Gerstmann's syndrome. Cures are symptomatic and supportive. Therapies like occupational and speech may help erase the dysgraphia and apraxia. Calculators and word processors can help children cope with the sign of the disorder.

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