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Gestational Pemphigoid

Gestational Pemphigoid Causes

The cause for Pemphigoid Gestationis is still unknown. But researchers belief that it maybe the antibodies whose job is to protect the placenta became confused and they begin multiply in numbers. This antibodies attacks the protein that binds the skins outer layer causing it to lift up and creates blisters.

Gestational Pemphigoid Definition

Gestational Pemphigoid or Pemphigoid Gestationis is an autoimmune disease that affects the skin by blisters for pregnant women during their second and third trimesters. It is not linked with herps virus though it was then called Herps Gestationis because of the blisters that appear in the skin.

Gestational Pemphigoid Diagnosis

Treatment for this disease is done by biopsy using immunoflourescence directly.

Gestational Pemphigoid Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms start in the naval area. A blister rash appears and will spread in the whole body. A hot and painful welt's that is called plague usually accompanies this blister rash. But there are cases that only plagues will appear. This also creates histamine that causes extreme itchiness in the body.

Gestational Pemphigoid Treatment

The most common treatment for Pemphigoid Gestationis is corticosteroids like prednisone and other topical steroids. This helps by decreasing the number of antibodies that attacks the skin. Treatment will take months and remissions may happen. There is no cure for Pemphigoid Gestationis. Pregnant women who are undergoing this disease should be monitored.

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