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Giant Platelet Syndrome

Giant Platelet Syndrome Causes

Giant platelet syndrome is an inherited autosomal recessive defect. The disorder can be found in the short arm (p) of chromosome 17.

Giant Platelet Syndrome Definition

Giant platelet syndrome, also known as Bernard-Soulier disease, is a disorder found in newborn infants. In this condition the blood platelets fail to stick to the walls to the blood vessels, affecting the ability to clot properly. It can be a cause for abnormal bleeding.

Giant Platelet Syndrome Diagnosis

Diagnostic procedures for this illness include the platelet function tests and blood serum examination to measure glycoproteins that help induce blood clotting.

Giant Platelet Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

People with the disease are prone to bleeding episodes; events that may trigger bleeding also help induce the onset of the disease, such as menstruation, ulcers, surgeries and trauma.

Giant Platelet Syndrome Treatment

There is no exact treatment for the giant platelet syndrome. The bleeding can only be managed by the use of coagulation drugs such as DDAVP.

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