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Gliomatosis cerebri

Gliomatosis cerebri Causes

The causes of gliomatosis cerebri remain unknown.

Gliomatosis cerebri Definition

Gliomatosis cerebri is a rare type of brain cancer. It is different from most brain cancers because the cancer causes a tumor, or a lump of the cancer cells. In gliomatosis cerebri, the cancer does not form a mass but forms threads of cancer cells that scatter around the brain.

Gliomatosis cerebri Diagnosis

A number of medical procedures are done to diagnose gliomatosis cerebri, including MRI and CT scans, and a physical examination. A tissue sample from the cancer is also tested through a biopsy, because determining the condition is very difficult in itself.

Gliomatosis cerebri Symptoms and Signs

Gliomatosis cerebri presents with any or a number of the following symptoms: recurrent headaches, cognitive and behavioral problems, nausea, hydrocephalus, cranial nerve paresis, pressure inside the skull, seizures, impaired memory, dementia, vision problems, speech problems, personality changes, motor dysfunction, and weakness.

Gliomatosis cerebri Treatment

Radiation therapy is the treatment of choice for gliomatosis cerebri. The high-energy rays from the radiation may be able to kill or shrink tumors and cancer cells. But because the disease is spreads fast around the brain, radiation therapy is often used to just slow down the cancer. Chemotherapy treatments are also used, including temozolomide or PCV.

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