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Glossophobia Causes

Glossophobia may be caused by trauma from previous experiences, certain beliefs formed during childhood about speaking and sometimes has something to do with failure, or a gradual avoidance of public speaking until it builds up to glossophobia.

Glossophobia Definition

Glossophobia, also known as speech anxiety, is a condition wherein a person has a fear of public speaking. It may also be a form of stage fright.

Glossophobia Symptoms and Signs

The general symptoms of glossophobia are complete avoiding of events wherein the patient will have to speak in front of a group or command a group's attention, extreme anxiety at the very thought of doing such a thing, or even prior to the event; and feeling stressed, panicky, and nauseous during said events. Its symptoms may also be more specifically grouped into verbal, non-verbal, and physical. Verbal symptoms include quivering in the voice, repeating ?ahh? or ?umm?, and a tense voice. The physical symptoms include increased heart rate, dilated pupils, acute hearing, increased oxygen intake, increased perspiration, dry mouth, and stiffening of the upper back and neck muscles.

Glossophobia Treatment

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy has been a popular and effective mode of treating glossophobia.

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