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Gonadal dysgenesis

Gonadal dysgenesis Causes

Gonadal dysgenesis may be caused by XX gonadal dysgenesis, Turner syndrome and variations, endocrine disruptors, Perrault syndrome, and mixed gonadal dysgenesis.

Gonadal dysgenesis Definition

Gonadal dysgenesis is a general term used to refer to conditions characterized by abnormal gonadal development. Most of these cases show “streak gonads” only. Gonadal dysgenesis causes infertility and inhibits normal sexual development.

Gonadal dysgenesis Symptoms and Signs

Symtoms of gonadal dysgenesis include short stature, slow development of secondary sex characteristics, low hairline, webbing of neck, absence of menstruation, coarctation of aorta, skeletal deformities, and eye abnormalities such as drooping eyelids. Gonadal dysgenesis also causes intersexuality, hence the presence of neither male nor female genitalia.

Gonadal dysgenesis Treatment

Oestrogen supplements are typical treatments during puberty. Some cases require growth hormone replacement. For patients who have coarctation of the aorta, cardiac surgery is required treatment.

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