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Grippe Causes

Influenza is caused by an airborne virus which can be transmitted though cough droplets or sneezing. When not treated, grippe can cause pneumonia and bronchitis.

Grippe Definition

Grippe is another name for the contagious infection called influenza. Influenza is a common medical condition in which patients suffer from colds, fever and chills. Complications may arise from influenza and can be a cause of death among children and adults.

Grippe Diagnosis

Influenza is diagnosed by observation of the symptoms as well as community indexing during breakout of the disease.

Grippe Symptoms and Signs

Fever, chills, colds, cough, fatigue and muscle aches are the most common signs of influenza.

Grippe Treatment

Influenza is treated by a vaccine, or flu shot, which makes the body immune to the virus. Adequate rest and medications are also given to treat the symptoms caused by the disease.

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