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Growth delay, constitutional

Growth delay, constitutional Causes

The cause of constitutional growth delay is unknown. However, it may occur as the result of inheriting growth patterns from a parent, but it may also appear for no reason.

Growth delay, constitutional Definition

Constitutional growth delay is a condition wherein skeletal growth is delayed. It is the most common origin of pubertal delay and short stature. The condition affects children and teens, although they have no other physical abnormality except short stature. It occurs in both girls and boys although more frequently in boys.

Growth delay, constitutional Diagnosis

A consultation with an endocrinologist may often diagnose the constitutional growth delay immediately. An endocrinologist will take into account the family history of height as well as those of other family members to make his diagnosis. A bone age x-ray of the left hand and wrist may be conducted, although it is not necessary in all cases.

Growth delay, constitutional Symptoms and Signs

Apart from the obvious short stature, symptoms include severe headaches and changes in vision. The symptoms present themselves within the first 2 years of life.

Growth delay, constitutional Treatment

The individual must undergo medical care wherein his growth is carefully monitored frequently, usually every 6 months. It is important that the growth curve trajectory and linear height velocities are analyzed. Medication is not necessary although individuals experiencing physiological distress may be prescribed medications. A balanced diet with regular calcium intake is also important to maintain bone development and normal growth.

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