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Hallermann Streff Syndrome

Hallermann Streff Syndrome Causes

The condition is usually caused by genetic mutations that affect chromosomes responsible for muscoskeletal formation.

Hallermann Streff Syndrome Definition

Hallerman-Streiff syndrome is a genetic defect characterized by malformations in the craniofacial area, ocular abnormalities, dental deformities, skin atrophy and short stature.

Hallermann Streff Syndrome Diagnosis

Hallermann-Streff syndrome can be diagnosed by the studying the characteristic features exhibited by the patient.

Hallermann Streff Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Among the characteristic features of people affected by the disorder are a short, broad head, underdeveloped mandible, arched palate and a thin, tapering nose. Congenital cataracts are also present.

Hallermann Streff Syndrome Treatment

There is no treatment available for the condition.

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