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Hallervorden-Spatz Disease

Hallervorden-Spatz Disease Causes

No exact cause for HSD has been found.

Hallervorden-Spatz Disease Definition

Hallervorden-Spatz disease (HSD) is a degenerative disease affecting the brain. The condition can lead to parkinsonism. Cases may be familial or occur sporadically. Neurodegeneration and excess iron in the brain also occur.

Hallervorden-Spatz Disease Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms usually present themselves during childhood, and progress until death during early adulthood. These include stiffness of limbs, dystonia, dementia, dysphagia, seizures, weakness, spasticity, writhing movements, and pigmentary retinopathy.

Hallervorden-Spatz Disease Treatment

As there have been no curative treatments yet, treatments focus on temporary relief of the symptoms. Iron chelating agents have been used with an extent of effectiveness. HSD may result in undesirable complications. The immobility caused by the disease may lead to blood clots and respiratory infections.

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