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Hallucination Causes

Hallucinations can be a result of other disorders. One may be suffering from mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or dementia, as well as manic depression. People intoxicated with drugs or alcohol may sometimes hallucinate depending on how their body responds to these influences. Hallucinations are also triggered by memories of traumatic experiences one has suffered in the past.

Hallucination Definition

Hallucination is the term used to describe false perceptions towards one's senses; a person who hallucinates behaves in response to the things he sees and/or hears despite the fact that the things he perceives are not actually there.

Hallucination Diagnosis

Hallucinations are diagnosed via monitoring one's behavior, therapy consultations and counseling.

Hallucination Symptoms and Signs

Hallucination itself is a symptom of other psychiatric disorders. When one hallucinates, he claims to have seen people or things; as well as hear voices. But in reality, these perceptions do not exist.

Hallucination Treatment

Hallucinations can be treated with sedatives and other anti-hallucinating drugs, such as Prozac. However, these drugs do bring about some problems especially when a patient begins to rely on medications to keep himself “normal”. Other forms of treatment include counseling as well as shock therapies.

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