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Hamburger Disease

Hamburger Disease Causes

The main cause of hamburger disease is by eating raw or partially cooked meat wherein the bacteria are present.

Hamburger Disease Definition

Hamburger disease is another name for E. coli disease. It is an illness caused by consumption of contaminated and raw food. It is present among meat products such as hamburger patties.

Hamburger Disease Diagnosis

Hamburger disease is diagnosed by physical examination as well as fecal tests in search of E. coli bacteria.

Hamburger Disease Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of hamburger disease is intense abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and fever. When not treated, the disease can be fatal.

Hamburger Disease Treatment

The best treatment for the onset of the disease is by prevention. Cooking food properly kills the bacteria. Antibiotics are also given to patients with the disease.

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