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Headaches In Children

Headaches In Children Causes

Headaches may be caused by an underlying sickness, tension or injury.

Headaches In Children Definition

Headaches in children are a common problem among children. But chronic headaches among children may be a sign of other underlying illness so this condition must be given immediate attention.

Headaches In Children Diagnosis

Headaches in children are diagnosed based on the symptoms they show.

Headaches In Children Symptoms and Signs

This kind of headache usually wakes a child from sleep, occur with nausea during mornings, and grow worse as days pass by. Children also develop personality disorders due to the pain.

Headaches In Children Treatment

To treat a child's headache, he/she must be given plenty of fluids with no caffeine and regulated sugar. They should also have regular sleep, eat the proper diet, and acquire regular exercise.

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