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Hearing disorders

Hearing disorders Causes

A number of environmental and biological factors may result in hearing disorders. These include illness or disease such as measles, mumps, meningitis, AIDS, adenoids, Chlamydia, ostosclerosis, premature birth, syphilis, and HIV; medications; and physical trauma.

Hearing disorders Definition

Hearing disorders, also known as hearing loss or hearing impairments, are conditions wherein there is full or partial decrease in hearing quality. Environmental and biological factors can bring about various types of hearing disorders. Hearing disorders are classified into sensorineural, conductive, and mixed hearing loss.

Hearing disorders Diagnosis

An audiologist will perform a hearing assessment, as well as a comprehensive interview. An otologist, or ear doctor, will do a medical examination and run a battery of tests depending on the patient's needs to make the diagnosis.

Hearing disorders Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of hearing disorders vary according to its nature, but general symptoms include ear pain, earache, stuffiness or inflammation inside the ear, and ringing in the ear called tinnitus. Other symptoms include vertigo, dizziness, and nerve damage.

Hearing disorders Treatment

Hearing aids are a popular choice of treatment and are also effective. Cochlear implants, on the other hand, are effective in treating mild to severe forms of hearing disorders that affect language acquisition in children.

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