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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Causes

It is said to be caused by a lot of factors such as environmental and biological factors. Some medications also like vicodin and oxycontin causes hearing impairment. Physical trauma, disease or illness and long term exposure to noise are often said to be the cause of hearing impairment. Genetic inheritance is also considered.

Hearing Loss Definition

Hearing loss is a the decrease, whether full or partial, of the ability to detect or understand sounds (Speech and Language Terms and Abbreviations. Retrieved on 2006-12-02).

Hearing Loss Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes medical examination of the ear and the use of Hearing in Noise Test or HINT.

Hearing Loss Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes deterioration or loss of the capacity to hear well sounds even if the same is amplified.

Hearing Loss Treatment

Treatment includes cochlear implants and use of hearing aid (HearingLoss News and Reviews (2005-05-18).

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