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Heart Babies

Heart Babies Causes

Heart babies are a result of genetic defects. This is due to a lack of gene variety among parents. Problems such as diabetes and Down's syndrome are effects of faulty genes, and heart babies are commonly seen with these problems.

Heart Babies Definition

Heart babies are infants born with congenital heart problems.

Heart Babies Diagnosis

Heart babies can be diagnosed via ultrasound procedures while in the womb of the mother, as well as ECG to detect the presence of heart problems.

Heart Babies Symptoms and Signs

Heart babies usually present low birth weight and suffer from breathing difficulties. Their pulse rate is also abnormal.

Heart Babies Treatment

Treatment is done once the disorder is recognized. Pregnant mothers are advised to take extra care and practice proper diets to reduce the risks of the effects of congenital heart problems. However, there is no cure yet for heart babies.

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