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Hemianopia Causes

Hemianopia is a result of damages done to the optic nerves. This can be acquired through brain injuries, tumors or stroke. Blood clots and capillary damage can also contribute to this condition.

Hemianopia Definition

Hemianopia, or hemianopsia, refers to a partial vision loss in the eyes. It has three types: binasal, bitemporal, and homonymous hemianopia.

Hemianopia Diagnosis

Hemianopia can be diagnosed by vision tests and optometric examinations.

Hemianopia Symptoms and Signs

The signs and symptoms of hemianopia are loss of half of one's vision, reduced night vision, and the need for more light in order to see properly.

Hemianopia Treatment

There is no exact treatment for the hemianopia. Magnifiers and optical devices can thus be used to improve vision.

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