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Hereditary Sensory Motor Neuropathy

Hereditary Sensory Motor Neuropathy Causes

The disease is a genetic disorder that can be either autosomal recessive or autosomal dominant.

Hereditary Sensory Motor Neuropathy Definition

Hereditary sensory motor neuropathy is a genetic disorder that leads to nerve damage. Also known as Charcot-Marie Tooth disease, it usually triggers the legs, hands, arms and feet. It also causes reduced sensation, but it is not life-threatening.

Hereditary Sensory Motor Neuropathy Diagnosis

Hereditary sensory motor neuropathy can be diagnosed by neurological examination, nerve condition studies and EMG. Genetic testing is also conducted to determine the cause of the disease.

Hereditary Sensory Motor Neuropathy Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of the disease includes weakness of the lower legs, feet and ankles, flat feet, curled toes, and frequent tripping or falling. As the disease develops, reduced sensation and indifference to hot and cold temperature will be experienced.

Hereditary Sensory Motor Neuropathy Treatment

There is no specific treatment for the disease; the symptoms can only be managed. Physical and occupational therapy are done to strengthen the muscles and prevent degeneration. Braces and other orthopedic devices meanwhile are used to keep the skeletal structure from collapsing.

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