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Human Head Lice

Human Head Lice Causes

Body-to-body or head-to-head contact Close ranges of stored belongings Sharing personal belongings Contact with infected furniture

Human Head Lice Definition

These are parasitic insects that are tiny and wingless that resides and feed on blood from the scalp. Head lice are a very common problem that affects children and can be a major nuisance in the household.

Human Head Lice Diagnosis

The doctor uses a special light called the Wood's light where in the lice eggs appear pale blue. Using s fine-toothed brush for stroking the hair to find lice eggs.

Human Head Lice Symptoms and Signs

Unnerving sensation of tickling Irritability Extreme itching and red, small bumps Lice found in the scalp Lice eggs found in the hair shafts

Human Head Lice Treatment

Over the counter medications to kill lice Prescription medications: malathion (ovide), lindane

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