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Hypermobility Syndrome

Hypermobility Syndrome Causes

Hypermobility syndrome is caused by misaligned joints as well as collagen defects that involve the tendons and ligaments.

Hypermobility Syndrome Definition

Hypermobility syndrome is a condition in which a person with doubled joints also experiences athraigia and myalgia, as skin hyperextensibility and varicose veins.

Hypermobility Syndrome Diagnosis

The illness is diagnosed based on X-ray findings and physical examination of the patient.

Hypermobility Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

People with hypermobility syndrome usually suffer from pain and stiffness whenever they use the body parts in which double joints are present. The disease can also contribute further complications in conditions such as GERD, flat feet, and idiopathic scoliosis.

Hypermobility Syndrome Treatment

Hypermobility syndrome can be improved usually by proper exercise, physical therapy and hydrotherapy. Pilates and other forms of low-impact exercises can also help reduce the effects of the disease. If swelling occurs, anti-inflammatory drugs can be prescribed.

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