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Hypernatremia Causes

Hypernatremia is usually caused by inadequate intake of water, unnecessary excretion of water, drinking hypertonic liquids such as seawater, and mineralcorticoid excess.

Hypernatremia Definition

Hypernatremia is a common electrolyte disturbance characterized by the increased blood sodium levels. It is a result of a deficit of free water in the body. Hypernatremia is a form of dehydration.

Hypernatremia Diagnosis

The condition can be diagnosed based on the symptoms given by the patient.

Hypernatremia Symptoms and Signs

Patients suffering from hypernatremia include headache, dizziness, edema and lethargy. Severe cases of the condition may lead to coma and eventual death.

Hypernatremia Treatment

Hypernatremia can be treated by oral as well as intravenous water replacement.

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