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Hypochondrias Causes

Hypochondriasis can be a complication of other psychiatric illnesses. A hypochondriac may be due to an ongoing manic depression sickness or an anxiety disorder.

Hypochondrias Definition

Hypochondriasis is a psychiatric illness in which a person takes on anxiety attacks regarding his present health condition. This condition is traditionally known as hypochondria.

Hypochondrias Diagnosis

The sickness is diagnosed by the behaviors the patient exhibits.

Hypochondrias Symptoms and Signs

Persons with hypochondriasis illustrate frequent episodes of worrying about their health; they assume that they are in a grave illness and that they are about to die. But in reality, they are in a perfect state of health. At most times they prefer to stay in bed and lay sick, resulting to depression and eventual sickness due to lack of exercise.

Hypochondrias Treatment

There is no specific treatment for hypochondriasis; patients are likewise treated with counseling and psychiatric visits as well as moral support from family and friends.

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