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Iliotibial band Syndrome

Iliotibial band Syndrome Causes

Iliotibial band syndrome can be a result of a thigh injury, or when heavy weight has caused pressure on the limbs.

Iliotibial band Syndrome Definition

Iliotibial band syndrome is a common injury suffered by the tibia. This occurs often to athletic persons and those who are highly engaged with strenuous activities such as running and weight lifting.

Iliotibial band Syndrome Diagnosis

Iliotibial band syndrome is diagnosed by x-ray examination as well as physical tests.

Iliotibial band Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

They main symptoms of this condition is extreme muscle pain, cramps and weakness in the tibial area of the affected limb.

Iliotibial band Syndrome Treatment

Treatment is done by adequate rest and relaxation of the affected area, fractures have to be treated by surgery, while physical therapy helps in regaining bone and muscle strength.

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