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Infertility Causes

Some women are infertile because their ovaries do not mature and release eggs. During this case synthetic FSH by injection or Clomid (Clomiphene citrate) via a pill can be given to stimulate follicles to mature in the ovaries. While for men the factors that can cause infertility are genetics such as Robertsonian translocation in either partner may cause recurrent spontaneous abortions or complete infertility. However, general factors are like diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorder and adrenal disease.

Infertility Definition

Infertility means not being able to become pregnant after a year of trying. If a woman keeps on having miscarriages, it is also called infertility. Several couples have infertility problems. For the third of the time, infertility can be traced to the woman. In another third case, it is because of the man. While the rest of the time, it is because of either partners or no cause is found.

Infertility Diagnosis

A history of genital infections, trauma or environmental exposure to toxins can reduce male fertility. Disorders of the endocrine system (hypothalmus, pituitary), structural dysfunction such as obstruction of the vas deferens, or many other conditions can cause male infertility.

Infertility Symptoms and Signs

Possible symptoms of androgen excess disorders are: Infertility, Irregular menstrual periods, Excessive hair growth and acne, Obesity and insulin resistance, Polycystic ovaries

Infertility Treatment

Treatment of infertility usually starts with medication. In vitro fertilization (IVF) in addition to different forms and developments of it (ICSI, ZIFT, GIFT) is another solution. They all include that the fertilization at the outside of the body. Moreover, an insemination can make fertilization inside the body. Other techniques are like tuboplasty, assisted hatching and PGD.

Drugs used for treatment of Infertility


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