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Intussusception Causes

The exact causes of the disease are unknown, but studies show that it can be because of a genetic defect as well as a side-effect of the mother's activities during pregnancy.

Intussusception Definition

Intussusception is a medical condition where a section of the bowel folds towards another part or the rectal area. This is congenital disease.

Intussusception Diagnosis

The condition can be diagnosed via ultrasound while the patient is still inside his mother's womb, or by physical examination once the baby is born.

Intussusception Symptoms and Signs

The main evidence of intussusception is the abnormal fold of the bowel. This results to difficulty in excreting waste, obstruction of the rectum, as well as gangrene.

Intussusception Treatment

The main treatment used to cure intussusception is by surgery. Advanced stages will as well require treatment for gangrene.

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