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Kaolin Pneumoconiosis

Kaolin Pneumoconiosis Conclusion

This study has concluded that the highest concentration of kaolin dust is present in the processing area and kaolin pneumoconiosis was restricted only to those workers who stayed there. The other workers from the ‘less exposed’ areas remained free from the illness.

Kaolin Pneumoconiosis Definition

Kaolin is processed by, first, removing it from seams that are underground in an area of mining. The process involves slicing, drying, and pulverizing to make a finished product. A study was done to know the concentration of kaolin dust in different areas of work. The study was also set up to be able to assess the occurrence of pulmonary and radiographic function defects among workers. There were 65 subjects from the Georgia kaolin mines. It was noted that the respirable concentrations of kaolin dust were at their peak in the areas where the product was being processed as compared to the mine or areas of maintenance. The study ran through 1977 until 1981. The kaolin dust level that is was respirable in the processing are in the year 1981 was at 1.74 milligrams/m3 and 0.14 milligrams/m3 in the area of mining. 5 of the workers from the processing area had evidences, confirmed by radiography, of kaolin pneumoconiosis. The FVC or the forced vital capacity and FEV1 mean values for the entire group were observed to be in the normal range. When the spirometric quantities were stated as a percentage or portion of the values that were predicted, the FEV1 and FVC were noticeably lower among workers with kaolinosis than among workers from within the processing area. Both the FEV1 and the FVC have declined considerably as the years progress and the worker remains working in the processing area. The FEV1/FVC%, on the other hand, was not changed significantly by either the kaolinosis presence or by the increase in work years. This indicates that the defect was confined and thus very likely to be a result of inhalation of the kaolin dust as compared to smoking.

Kaolin Pneumoconiosis Similar Conditions

Pneumoconiosis, in general, refers to a group of lung illnesses such as asbestosis or kaolin pneumoconiosis. Asbestos is the inhalation of asbestos while kaolin pneumoconiosis is the inhalation of kaolin dust. Both could be acquired from the patient’s line of work. Most of those who process these materials end up inhaling the tiny particles and eventually developing an illness of the lungs.

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