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Keratoconus Causes

The cause of Keratoconus still remains to be unclear; though many studies claim that factors like genetic or cellular as well as environmental can contribute in triggering the disease.

Keratoconus Definition

A rare degenerative disorder marked by a progressive thinning and cone-shape appearance of the cornea of the eyes; it is categorized as a non-inflammatory eye ailment. It is considered as the most usual type of corneal dystrophy in the US.

Keratoconus Diagnosis

Diagnosis of Keratoconus begins with a thorough eye examination by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. Retinoscopy can also help in the diagnosis.

Keratoconus Symptoms and Signs

People with Keratoconus experience the following symptoms: * Minor blurring of vision that deteriorates rapidly * Poor vision at night * Astigmatism * Extreme sensitive to bright light (photophobia) * Eye strain caused by squinting to be able to read * Itchiness in the eye * Perception of two images when in fact there is only one (Monocular Polyopia)

Keratoconus Treatment

The following are considerable options in minimizing the scope of the symptoms of Keratoconus: * Eyeglasses during the early onset of Keratoconus can help in correcting astigmatism. * Specialized contact lenses have been developed and manufactured for Keratoconus inflicted persons. Surgical alternatives possible are: * Corneal transplant like penetrating keratoplasty * Corneal ring segment inserts * Radial Keratotomy

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