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Kleine Levin Syndrome

Kleine Levin Syndrome Causes

There are concerns claiming that Kleine-Levin Syndrome is a product of an autoimmune disorder; others assume that this rare medical condition is of the hereditary nature. Although the two beliefs have their own rationale, there is still more weight on the explanation that this rare disorder is a consequence of a malfunction in the brain part that is accountable for the regulation of sleep, body temperature, and appetite.

Kleine Levin Syndrome Definition

Kleine-Levin Syndrome is a rare disease identified by periods of too much, unnecessary sleepiness that can reach to 20 hours of sleep; excessive food intake (compulsive hyperphagia); hypersexuality or abnormally uncontrolled sexual drive. This rare disorder is more probable to occur in males in their puberty rather than females.

Kleine Levin Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Majority of the symptoms of this rare disorder is on the mental and psychological aspect. Kleine-Levin syndrome inflicted individuals experience lethargy; they tend to be sluggish and lazy. They seem to show lack of interest, likely to be indifferent or unresponsive. They also become more irritable and confused. Other symptoms include: * Excessive sleepiness or tiredness (somnolence) * Morbid hunger or eating too much * Incoherent speech * Strange behavior of uncontrollable sex urge

Kleine Levin Syndrome Treatment

There is no perfect treatment for the disorder itself. However, stimulants are available and prescribed to treat sleepiness.

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