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Labrador Lung

Labrador Lung Causes

Labrador lung is caused by breathing in dust mixed with silica and other compound in a non-organic form. Most sufferers of this illness are those who are working in coal mines. Generally, this disease is caused by work-related exposures to some of these harmful elements.

Labrador Lung Definition

Labrador Lung is kind of Pneumoconiosis. This medical condition is an occupational lung disease; a disease that is related to work associated exposures to various harmful elements. Labrador lung is primarily caused by inhalation of dust mixed with silica and other inorganic compounds like iron. The accumulated dusts are deposited in the lung; wherein it can create future health problems which may tend not to be non-existent for an extensive period of time.

Labrador Lung Symptoms and Signs

These symptoms may or may not be obvious during the early stages for persons who are inflicted with Labrador Lung: * Coughing * Impaired lung function * Lung fibrosis or accumulation of fibrous tissue in the lung * Breathing problems * Tight chest * Wheezing * Lung opacities * Pleural thickening

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