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Laparoschisis Causes

The occurrence of Laparoschisis can be caused by some of the following factors: * Complications due to infection during pregnancy * Maternal drug abuse * Young maternal age * Smoking during pregnancy * Child bearing with different fathers

Laparoschisis Definition

Laparoschisis, also known as gastroschisis is a medical condition characterized by an abnormal opening in the abdomen causing some of the abdominal contents to develop outside the fetal abdomen. Laparoschisis is also known by other medical names: abdominoschisis and paraomphalocele. This occurrence happens more on male infants compared to incidents reported on female infants.

Laparoschisis Diagnosis

Diagnosis is confirmed through AFP screening and detailed fetal ultrasound.

Laparoschisis Symptoms and Signs

For mothers bearing fetus with Laparoschisis, an echo sonogram would create an image of a fetus with a protruding abdomen, essentially because the intestine are extending beyond the abdominal wall. Through the opening in the abdomen; as a result of incomplete formation or development of the abdomen of the fetus, intestines and sometimes even other abdominal contents will find its way of the fetal abdominal cavity. Worse scenario would reveal abdominal contents floating in the amniotic fluid.

Laparoschisis Treatment

As of the moment, the most distinguished treatment for Laparoschisis is watch closely and monitor with your physician any evidence of damage to the intestine as well as modifying the time of delivery, in order to ensure that no infection will occur to the intestine of the infant. After delivery, the doctor will proceed with the necessary surgical approach to close the opening in the abdominal wall of the infant.

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