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Larsen Syndrome

Larsen Syndrome Causes

Larsen syndrome is a rare autosomal dominant genetic disease; the causal factor is somewhere in the genes but is not yet clearly established.

Larsen Syndrome Definition

Larsen syndrome is a rare autosomal dominant genetic disease. It is a rare connective tissue disorder. This medical condition is very rare with the incidence occurring only 1 in every 100,000 people. Larsen syndrome was named after L.J. Larsen, who was responsible for writing about the condition in an article for the first time during the year 1952.

Larsen Syndrome Diagnosis

X-ray would be helpful to diagnose Larsen Syndrome.

Larsen Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Larsen syndrome is characterized and identifiable by means of the following fundamental symptoms: * Remarkably odd facial appearance * Non-tapering fingers that are cylindrical in shape * Dislocation occurring in multiple joints * Foot deformities Some cases of Larsen syndrome manifests the following less common symptoms along with the fundamental symptoms: * Cleft palate * Abnormalities in the heart * Hearing impairment * Mental retardation * Short stature * Other anomalies in the skeletal aspect * Prominent forehead * Widely spaced eyes * Saddle nose * Joint hypermobility * Kyphoscoliosis * Fused carpal and tarsal bone * Broad thumbs * Undescended testes * Ocular hypertelorism * Cleft lift may also occur in some patients

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