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Laryngeal Carcinoma

Laryngeal Carcinoma Causes

There are many contributing factors as to what causes Laryngeal Carcinoma. Usually, the occurrence of this cancer is due to a combination of causative factors. One of the most widespread belief and clinical findings has revealed that cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking have an enormous impact on developing Laryngeal Carcinoma; the reason why men are at the higher risk of developing this deadly disease.

Laryngeal Carcinoma Definition

Laryngeal carcinoma is cancer of the laryngeal area. It is also referred to as cancer of the larynx or laryngeal cancer. Usually, laryngeal carcinomas are squamous cell carcinomas that come from the squamous cells that form a large part of the laryngeal cavity.

Laryngeal Carcinoma Diagnosis

Thorough medical history and physical examination would be helpful in establishing diagnosis of Laryngeal Carcinoma; however confirming diagnosis would be easier with the help of one or combination of the following: CT scan, MRI or Chest X-ray.

Laryngeal Carcinoma Symptoms and Signs

A factor that determines the rate of occurrence of the symptoms of Laryngeal carcinoma depends of the site and size of the tumor. The following are some of the manifestations of Laryngeal carcinoma: * Hoarseness or noticeable change in voice * An evident or observable swelling in the neck * Producing a high-pitched sound known as stridor * Sensation that there is blockage in the throat * Bad odor in the breath (halitosis) * Pain in the ear (Otalgia) * Relentless coughing

Laryngeal Carcinoma Treatment

One or combination of the following approach is used as treatment for Laryngeal carcinoma: surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy.

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