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Laryngeal Papillomatosis

Laryngeal Papillomatosis Causes

Laryngeal Papillomatosis is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Laryngeal Papillomatosis Definition

Laryngeal Papillomatosis is a rare medical condition characterized by the development of tumors in the larynx, vocal chords, or respiratory tract. This medical condition is caused and triggered by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection in the throat. In due course, these tumors will cause blockage to the airway passage, which may result to breathing problems.

Laryngeal Papillomatosis Diagnosis

Diagnosis of Laryngeal Papillomatosis is achieved with the aid of Direct and Indirect Laryngoscopy.

Laryngeal Papillomatosis Symptoms and Signs

Laryngeal Papillomatosis is manifested by the following symptoms: * Difficulty in breathing or any kind of shortness of breath especially when sleeping * Difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia) * Hoarseness of voice * Persistent cough that has been present for a long time * Remarkable change in voice * Rapid breathing

Laryngeal Papillomatosis Treatment

At present, there are many available treatment procedures to remove laryngeal papillomas including: surgery, chemotherapy, antibiotic therapy. There are two types of surgical procedures that can effectively remove laryngeal papillomas; traditional surgical removal of papilloma and carbon dioxide laser surgery. Carbon dioxide laser surgery utilizes intense laser light while traditional removal of papilloma makes use of the customary surgical tools to excise any kind of tumor.

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