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Ligament Sprain

Ligament Sprain Causes

Sprained ligaments often result from falling or twisting the joint. One may also get a sprain if he is in a car accident. The ankle is the most frequent site of this kind of injury.

Ligament Sprain Definition

Ligament Sprains occur when ligaments (the tissues that hold bones together) are stretched or torn all of a sudden. Most sprains occur around joints such as the ankles, knees, or fingers.

Ligament Sprain Diagnosis

A sprain can be confirmed by the doctor with a physical exam of the affected area.

Ligament Sprain Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms generally include pain, tenderness, and swelling in the injured area. Movement may be difficult for the patient.

Ligament Sprain Treatment

The doctor may order an x-ray of the injury to make sure there is no broken a bone. If there is severe sprain, the patient may need a splint to keep the injured area immobile so it will heal. If he scratched or tore some skin, he may also need a tetanus shot.

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