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Liticaphobia Causes

Patients may have a traumatic experience with lawsuits or those resembling it on television. They may also have seen or personally known people who underwent a traumatic experience related to lawsuits.

Liticaphobia Definition

Liticaphobia is described as the fear of lawsuits.

Liticaphobia Diagnosis

The individual is diagnosed as having liticaphobia if their persistent fear are irrational and has adversely affected their daily lives.

Liticaphobia Symptoms and Signs

Individuals afflicted with liticaphobia are usually compeled to avoid facing the factors that trigger their fear even if they know those factors are not dangerous. They may also have panic attacks as well as sweating, nausea, and feelings of dread.

Liticaphobia Treatment

Some patients undergo therapies exposing them repeatedly to their fear, which sometimes help reducing their fear. Others are prescribed with medications, which may cause harm due to side effects or withdrawal symptoms because they only chemically suppress the symptoms.

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