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Liver cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis Causes

Liver cirrhosis is often a result of excessive alcoholism, and other diseases such as hepatitis C.

Liver cirrhosis Definition

Liver cirrhosis is disease characterized by the replacement of the liver tissue with fribrous scar tissue and regenerative lumps that lead to loss of liver functions.

Liver cirrhosis Diagnosis

The best way to determine liver cirrhosis is by liver biopsy. Other laboratory measures are also taken to further learn about other complications of the disease, such as imaging and endoscopy.

Liver cirrhosis Symptoms and Signs

A lot of symptoms characterize liver cirrhosis, the most common being nail changes, jaundice, hypogonadism, ascites, asterixis and fetor hepaticus.

Liver cirrhosis Treatment

The disease can be treated by taking action on underlying causes as well as preventing complications like those of ascites and esophageal variceal bleeding. For severe cases, there comes a need for liver transplant.

Drugs used for treatment of Liver cirrhosis


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